First Day at a New School

So at first glance, it would seem completely horrid to pull your kids out of one school and have them start at a new school just halfway through the school-year.  Especially when you aren’t even moving to a new place.  Our experience at Utahloy International School at Guangzhou though, was pretty miserable right from the start and never seemed to improve in spite of our best efforts to make things work out.

Today our kids, Mr. J. and Miss S. started at Clifford International School.  I have had several people caution me not to get my hopes up too high, but after what we experienced last semester, even small improvements will seem large.  This school has a uniform requirement, which didn’t thrill Miss S. too much, but she has reconciled herself to it.  So far, this school is so much more organized than the other one was, it’s close to our house, which is a definite bonus, and today my kids came home happy(!) and excited about the new friends they made (already!) and they seem pretty satisfied with their teachers and classes.  Miss S. found out they have an after-school choir and she is going to find out more information so she might be able to join.  My two also reported that the kids are kinder and friendlier and there is A LOT less swearing and potty-mouth talk happening there.  Miss S. looked so relieved when she said that, you could almost see a huge weight roll off her shoulders.  Another nice thing is this school actually teaches some history which was such a gaping hole in the education at Utahloy.  I must admit though, I felt that the whole curriculum at that school was a black hole, sucking the light and the brains out of my children. (I know, you think I exaggerate – hah!)  The lunch at Clifford Int. School got mixed reviews today, but since when does any student rave about how wonderful school lunch is?
Thank you, God, for answering a mother’s prayers.  I don’t expect it will ALL be sunshine and roses (they are teenagers, after all) but this is a promising beginning.  We might be able to survive our China experience after all. (Please, Lord.)

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