Today was a day of dusty air.  Not very humid; everything was shadowed with gray.  Everywhere the air smelled stale, dusty.  On my way to church from the bus, I saw a woman standing in front of her black Porsche.  She had the hood up and a large brown feather duster in her hand.  She was carefully listening to the motor and examining all the belts and connections and dusting off the engine block.  I couldn’t help but think that her car was cleaner than the air we were breathing at the time.

I mentioned this scene to Mr. J and he said, "Okay, and…?"  I said, "It’s unusual to see someone dusting their car engine."  He said, "It would be, but we are in China, the most unusual things are normal behavior here.  Why would I be surprised to see someone dusting the engine of their car in China?"

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