Oven, Neighbors, and Church Callings

We have an oven!!!  I made two loaves of tasty bread to have with a spaghetti dinner last night.  We invited an American neighbor lady and her two boys to dinner.  Her husband is in the U.S. for training for a couple of weeks and we figured they might like to get out of the house for a while.  It was fun to have them over.  Our girls are going to be snatched up for babysitting very quickly, I think.  They babysat Friday night for another family.  I need to print out emergency information for them in case they ever need it. 

We have some great neighbors and the girl up the street, who rides the
bus with Sara and Jace now shows up at 10 minutes to seven every school
day to participate with us in family prayer.  It’s an interesting
phenomenon that began the day after I asked her mother if it was all
right if we invited her in rather than leaving her standing out on the
street while we had family prayer.  She’d been showing up early (the bus doesn’t leave until 7:20), but now she shows up 10 minutes earlier.  I think she mostly gets bored just waiting around at home alone in the mornings because her mom has to leave for work much earlier.  Also, she doesn’t want to lay back down and fall asleep.

Mr. Hot Stuff has been called as the Branch Mission Leader and Gospel Essentials
teacher.  This will be something new for him to sink his teeth into.
Apparently, our branch has a fairly high baptism rate (for foreign
passport holders).

I have been called as Relief Society Second Counselor (think
Enrichment).  Our R.S. President is in the U.S. and won’t be here till
mid-October.  I haven’t met her yet, but that’s fine.  Sister S.
(the first counselor) and I will manage until then.

We have a ward bbq on Saturday.  I don’t know what else there will
be, but our Young Men’s President works for a beef importer here and
will have some great meat for us. The rest of us will bring food that
won’t spoil in the heat.  Hopefully we can invite some neighbors to
come with us. 🙂

I’m going shopping today with a new neighbor.  She’s never been to this market that we go to before, and she is interested because the food is fresher and cheaper.  Also, this way she can start out with a discount card to the supermarket, now that I know how to get one.


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