So far, I’ve been on the "Garden Hotel" bus, not to the end of the line, just the second stop for church.   The first stop is a "TrustMart".  We will have to have an adventure farther on that sometime, though I dislike going into Guangzhou, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do, to get where you need to go.  First thing, gather information.

I’ve also been on the "Tienhe Sports Center" bus to the Tienhe shopping district in Guangzhou.  I have never seen such HUGE malls in my entire life!  They go forever and you can get lost in them.

We’ve been on the #1 bus to (forgot the name of the city) south of here.  This is the bus we take to the movie theater (haven’t gone yet) and the night market, and the "Computer City".

We’ve been on the #13 bus to the south also.  It ends at a big store like Walmart called "TrustMart".  Nice store, long trip.  It may be faster to take the Garden Hotel bus into the Guangzhou store.  It’s certainly a more comfortable bus.

I can’t remember if we’ve been on the #15 bus or where it goes.  I guess we’ll ask around and have a future adventure.

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