Affordable Cold Cereal Discovery

Bedroom set delivered today!  Now the girls can put their stuff away (good news).  They each get their own wardrobe (as in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).  Happy, happy, girls.

Miss S. has her first volleyball practice today after school.  This means she will probably not get home until nearly 7:00 P.M.  She has a big science paper due tomorrow, so I hope this all works out well for her today.

We do most of our shopping at the Shin Wa Chain Store (not fresh stuff, just packaged stuff), apparently they have a discount card that can really save you money if you have one.  I need to find out how to get one of those.

Poor Mr. J.  He had an ayi (maid/custodian) at school throw away his water bottle 5 minutes into double period P.E. (P.E. is always outside) and so he now has a mean headache.

We have found a way for Miss S. to have affordable "cold cereal"! Yea!  The store sells these sweetened puffed rice, and puffed wheat & barley bars which she can break up into a bowl and pour milk on for breakfast in the morning.  That plus some fresh fruit will give her a happy start to her day.  Peanut butter and jam sandwiches were getting a little old to her.

Dinner tonight: potstickers, manto (steamed rolls), and vegetable stir fry.

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  1. Hi Heather, you do not really know me – I found your blog through your link on the missionary moms email (my son is in the MTC about to head to Bulgaria) – I find your whole journey fascinating and exciting! Anyway, I just read "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck – I don’t know if you’ve read it before but I would recommend it. She wrote it after living in China for quite some time (in fact, I believe she was raised there for a while as youth) – I found it provided some interesting insights into the Chinese peasants way of thinking. Plus it’s a really great book. Just a thought! Good luck on your adventure!


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