We Did It!

Blog A27



We Did It!


I’ve been typing all my blogs into Word these days and then
copying an pasting them into my blog site. Our VPN seems to have some
mysterious time limit that gets reached and then I get dumped off and can’t get
on my blog or Facebook for a while.

Did you know that fortune cookies aren’t Chinese? Nope. Don’t have them here.
They do have some cookies called “Coconut Pancakes” that are very similar that
our kids seem to like.

Last night we ventured out on our own, as a family, to ride the bus into Guangzhou City. We needed to go to a computer
place to buy a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and web camera/microphone.
After much puzzling, and phone calls to figure out which bus to get on, we made
it! We also went to a night market which is right by “Silicon Valley Computer
City” and got some fruit; partly, because I didn’t get everything needed when I
went shopping, and partly because we needed change for the return bus home.

I think this afternoon, I’m going to Clifford Supermarket to buy some butter.
We have some bread and a toaster oven, we should make some toast! Also, maybe
they have baking soda and baking powder. I’m pretty sure I’ve found flour. We
could make cookies or pancakes. I’ll be so glad to get the spices that are
somewhere on that slow boat (not complaining too much – better slow than caught
in a typhoon) so that we can make our food taste familiar.

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