Blog A11




Yeah! Roommates in the works for the homebody. That’s good
news. After staying alone last week, it was concluded that some company in the
house would be a NICE THING. 🙂

We had a wonderful open-house put on by friends to let people in the
neighborhood come wish us well. It was nice to see everyone and chat and say

We will maybe not be taking the electric piano to China – we are worried it will get
stolen in customs. We will be inquiring about the possibility of leasing a
piano in China.
Hoping, Hoping, Hoping… We have removed all the DVDs from their cases and put
them in CD holders to place in our luggage, again, because we don’t think they
would survive the trip through customs.

The violin will have to be hand-carried to China by us. We may have to pay an
extra fee for the carry-on. Oh well.

It’s been a crazy week. We did manage to go see the new Harry Potter movie on
opening night. I was so tired that I can’t really remember any of the movie…
Hmm, don’t think I’ll do that again. I still haven’t recovered from the
sleep-deprivation. Oy. Brad just confessed that he can’t remember it either,
lol. We may have to see it again at a more human hour.

I’ve gone back to martial arts to sharpen some skills before we move to a huge
city. First day back – sprain a finger – how to feel like a dork. Still, I’m
rusty on the "formulas" but not too bad on the skills. I’m also not
so out of shape for it as I had worried. Apparently all the running has been
good for me. 🙂

TB tests for school admission tomorrow – yea! – not.

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