Not So Much Stuff

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Not So Much Stuff


The time rushes nearer! The passports arrived two days ago.
We have boxes everywhere. I told Meg
and Sara they had to be completely
packed for China
before they can pack for EFY next week. They have discovered that they
don’t have as much important stuff as they thought they did, though everyone is
wishing we could take our beds.

The two girls will be living out of a suitcase for the next two weeks but the
boxes and household items we are sending to China will ship out next week. We
will then spend the last week cleaning.

Brad and Jace come home from Timberline National Youth Leadership Training
Camp today. It will be nice to have their help. Sometimes I wonder if I’m
taking too much or not enough and it will be nice to get Brad’s opinion once in
a while.

I still haven’t gotten the soap made. If I have to, I suppose I can take the
remnants of past batches. That would be interesting (especially the batch that
was supposed to be green but turned purple!), grab bag soap. 🙂

The photo today has no significance to me (I got it from Zemanta), it just
brings me a calm, peaceful feeling, and I like it. Here’s a great song to
go with it.

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