Making Lists

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Making Lists


Today is school orientation for Sara
and Jace.  I have so many questions – How
will the bus system work? What classes do my kids have (school starts tomorrow
and we don’t know!).  Where can I buy
school supplies?


We’re making a list of things we need to fix in our house:

*  The master bathroom
shower floods the floor through some mysterious means whenever it gets used and
there is no cold water in the shower only hot and hot.  Ouch. 
Also, the sink is not secured properly and needs to be repaired.

*  The kids’ bathroom
needs a new shower head – only the hand-held part works.  Also the sink in there leaks and needs to be

*  One of the bedrooms
needs a closet rod.

*  We need 3 remotes
for the A/C.  They are either missing or

*  The stove is wimpy
and lights unreliably.  It took me 15
minutes to light it yesterday.  We will
have to replace it.

*  The lighting in the
kitchen is so dim it’s almost non-existent.

*  The kitchen faucet
leaks and the sink needs to be sealed so it won’t leak water into the cabinet

*  The oven that we
were given is a very nice toaster oven. 
Lovely for toast, but not for real baking.  We will need to buy what we want ourselves.

*  The microwave
looked old and rickety (maybe it was just very, very, dirty) so I had the
landlord take it away.  Brad was not
happy about my doing this, but what’s done is done. 

*  The beds are very
hard.  I hope we can find some memory
foam cushions or something like it to cushion them.  It is very difficult to sleep soundly right
now – at least for a couple of us.

*  There is inadequate
counter and cupboard space everywhere and we will have to have some things
bought or built to fit.

*  We need the
landlord to get the rest of his “stored junk” out of the house so we can really
use the space.  There is a nice room for
a pantry/storage by the kitchen but it has some stuff in it.  We need it moved out so we can put shelving
in there.


I feel like I’m on a permanent camping trip right now, just
trying to figure out ways to “make do”. 
It’s getting old really fast. 
Hopefully things get better soon.

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