We’re Here!

We’re in Santo Domingo now and it’s beautiful. Humid and hot, but somehow that seems to help, if not minimize hot flashes, at least it seems disguise them, lol. Everyone is sweaty, so I don’t stand out!

This is the Santo Domingo Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We are currently living in temporary housing in possibly the most beautiful location in the country. If Jesus comes in the next few weeks, this is exactly where I want to be – in the shadow of his holy temple. I’ve never felt safer in my life. We will have to move in a few weeks to a different location and I think I will miss this feeling.

Being here in this place makes me think of the part of the Book of Mormon in 3rd Nephi 11, when Jesus appears to the Nephites in America just after his resurrection. Many of the people of God had gathered near the temple, and when he appeared, he came down from heaven and ministered to them in many of the same ways that he had ministered to his followers in Jerusalem. What would that be like??

I Wonder When He Comes Again, sung By The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

We went to church today in a small, but growing branch in another part of the city. We were so warmly welcomed by everyone. I really hope I can catch hold of the language soon so I can share the love a little better.

Tomorrow is our first day of training for the work we’ve been called to do. It’s office work and very much out of my experience. I hope I don’t end up proving that you get what you pay for in a church run by volunteers! Please pray this goes well for me. I’d prefer to be an asset and not a liability!

I have to keep this short tonight, but if you are reading this and you are family or friends, know that I love and miss you. If you are a friendly visitor to this site, I hope you find something here that blesses your life in some way. Please subscribe and stay in touch, there will be more to come!

Note: I do not speak for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I do try to be a good example of what God wants a Christian and a missionary to be, but I make no claims of doing it perfectly. Anything I write here should be seen as my personal thoughts and opinions and not as an official representation of the Church.


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