A Stitch In Time… Saves Lives

Oh, my. The days have run away with me. I know a lot of us are losing track of what day it is. I’m more losing track of what week it is. What month it is, even.

Mr. Hot Stuff works at an “essential business.” (Honestly, isn’t every job essential, if it pays someone’s bills and feeds someone?) His company manufacturers things needed in the fight against COVID-19. If anything, he’s working MORE hours now, not less.

As he’s been working as hard as he can to help create solutions for the situation the world is in right now, I’ve been home, making bread, and masks for him to wear at work, and for the rest of our family. I even got to participate in Project Protect Utah – a community effort to sew 5 million medical grade surgical masks for use by the medical community.

This work has changed me in unexpected ways, that I don’t know how to articulate yet, but I feel it deep inside. I’ve continued making cotton masks for other health care workers and people not quite on the front line – home health care, nursing homes, hospice, veterinarians, etc. It’s been a tremendous opportunity for me to honor covenants I’ve made to help those in need. I hope this isn’t coming across as boastful. Indeed it’s been humbling to think that God can use me, and a skill I’d allowed to get a little rusty, to bless others of his children. And somehow, someway, I haven’t yet run out of thread. It’s an honor to be a small contributor to a great cause.

So that’s what has had me away from this blog for the last couple of weeks. I’m planning to continue until the need recedes. At the same time, I realize there is also a need to balance that work with other aspects of my life. I never would have guessed at all of this shifting that’s occurred, but I am excited to see how we all work together to make life, and the world, better in the months ahead. We’ve all been praying for a miracle, and I wonder if the greatest miracles are the ones happening in our hearts as everyone works together to make life better, or safer, for someone else.

This has been a small side project. I made one of these cute frogs for each of my grandchildren. 😍 Because I’m missing them a lot right now.

Here are my Book of Mormon study pages. It’s a lot because I’m catching up. I’ll try to be better with posting.


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