Progress Is Better Than Perfection

Good news! At least to this point, I have been able to stay healthy!! I know that it shouldn’t seem like such a big deal to be healthy for a week after going on our cruise, but it’s only been four days since I finally finished all medicine I was on for the last sickness I had. With Mr. Hot Stuff coming down with the flu, I’ve been very nervous and careful to sanitize everything I can, and wash hands all the time. He’s doing much better now and will finish his wife-imposed self-imposed quarantine today, heading back to work tomorrow. I will be doing MORE LAUNDRY. oh, yay.

This flu is a real beast. If you get it, be nice to everyone and stay home! No one else needs you to share this.

I’ve been studying and journaling through the Book of Mormon like mad, trying to get caught up from my behind-ness due to the cruise. I’m sure that sequestering myself in my office with an air purifier has also contributed to my avoidance of all germs flu. I probably should have posted something before this, but I’ve just been super-focused on getting caught up to where we are with the Come Follow Me study that it’s not been within my abilities. Anyway, I fell off the perfection train a long time ago, so I’ll just keep going from where I am and leave Jesus to take care of that other stuff.

Ready or not, you are about to be hit with a boat-load of photos from my Book of Mormon, and from my journal. There is obviously going to be some overlap, but there are several differences, and you can tell the times when I was getting fall-off-my-chair tired. Welcome to Realville, my version.

Whew! That’s all of it to this point. I’ll be back in a day or two with pages from this week’s actual Come Follow Me study. This was a tough week to fall behind, because there was just SO MUCH depth here that I’d never picked up on before.

I don’t know about how the Come Follow Me study is impacting any of you, but going so deeply into the scriptures (I know most can’t do what I’m doing right now) in this intense way has changed me in deep and profound ways. Nephi’s full-on trust in God is strengthening my own trust in Him, and helping me see God’s hand in my life in ways I’ve never realized before. I hope you are also learning to lean on the power and promises of the Savior in your own life.