So Many Things to See and Do After the Dome of the Rock

There is a huge variety of bread here.

We went to St. Anne’s Cathedral. You get there by walking along the Via Dolorosa.

When you see this banner hanging over someone’s door, it means that someone in the household has completed the Haj – a pilgrimage to Mecca.

First stop on the way to St. Anne’s Cathedral was at an ancient cistern protected by an order of nuns. I should be able to tell you more about it, but I didn’t take notes and I was more focused on controlling my cough than paying attention.

This stone thing is actually a manger, probably similar to the on that baby Jesus was laid in.

Please don’t ask me why there is a mosaic in a cistern. I may not understand, but I think it’s beautiful.

Edit: This is actually in the courtyard of the Antonia Fortress. The site of the Jesus vs. Barabas bad news day. What were those people thinking?!?

Saint Anne’s Cathedral is a lovely place. If you get a chance to hear a group singing inside, enjoy it!

Those pink things are pepper corns!

We saw a lot of cats everywhere we went today. This one was enjoying the gardens.

Our lunch today was cooked in a pit and we ate at an actual Bedouin tent in Bethany. It was a fun experience!

After lunch we had a tour of the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. It was fun to see more of the place where Ms. Electric spent a semester of university.

This is a type of olive press.

Another olive press.

Then we went to the upper room where Jesus gave blessed bread and wine with his apostles. Well, maybe it’s not the exact location, but it is close, and it’s important to recognize and honor the sacredness of a place that has been a revered and prayed over location for centuries.

This was a beautiful church on the way to the Upper Room.

This is the Upper Room.

It was a beautiful day. Each day I get a little more toasted by the sun, but at least Jerusalem is cooler than everywhere else we’ve been.

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