Abandoning Ship

This cute girl in her mermaid suit was laughing about how small her steps had to be in order to walk in it. Why do even little kids sound sophisticated when they speak with a British accent?

Today I abandoned ship, er, tour bus, and decided to stay at the Ein Gev resort rather than go to Nazareth. I know, right?!? Who in their right mind skips out on Nazareth?

Generally speaking, I try to make my decisions by comparing the advantages of each thing. It helps me cut through the nonsense and focus on the positive. But this morning I woke up and had the realization that if I didn’t have some quiet time alone by the Sea of Galilee, I would regret it more than I would regret missing out on anything else. Plus, I’m tired of being told what to do. If the only way to get a half-day of peace is to take a whole one, I’ll do it.

We’ve seen so many remarkable things here on this Holy Lands tour, I need some time for my brain to process it all. I woke up this morning coughing, with sore ears and no voice. This has become an important indicator to me of my need to manage my stress levels.

So here I am as I write, sitting on the beach, listening to the water and the birds and the sounds of happy families playing in the water. I’ve been in to swim a little. It’s not as fun alone, but it feels so good and there are no demands on my voice or my ears. It’s 9:30 AM and life is so good.

In the meantime, the rest of my group is visiting (hiking to) the source waters of the Jordan River, going to a re-creation of an ancient Nazarite village, seeing some more churches – magnificent, I’m sure, and paying the bus driver a dollar for a bottle of water that they will be desperate for halfway through the hikes they go on. They will have a great day with no regrets, and so will I.

Shalom, I’m going back out to the water.


    • I ended up getting about 5 more hours of sleep throughout the day. I had no idea I was so tired! I guess mental exhaustion has a physical effect as well. I’m pretty sure I knew that before, but it’s easy to forget.


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