Petra, Jordan – What amazingness is this?!?

Petra is so amazing. And it’s a long walk in the sun. If you have hiked in the southwest part of the USA, it feels familiar. Today I had a hot but exhilarating experience. I kinda booked it up the trail from the designated meeting place for lunch all the way up to the place called The Monestary. This is a place that stuns you, because you are going along feeling like your hike is going to take forever, and feeling guilty for not buying something from EVERY person selling something every step of the way, when all of a sudden you round the corner and

The Monestary

BAM. There it is. The most incredible sight of the day – and this is after seeing the camels, and The Treasury (think Indiana Jones), and a whole bunch of other sights. How is it that this world is so amazing?!

We currently have a Jordanian guide, Isam (since we are in Jordan and all), and he has been wonderful. He has helped us understand about the economic situation of Jordan, how the government works, what it means to be Muslim, and some of the ways that world (and US) politics affect this country. I just love learning, and Isam has been wonderful to educate those of us who will listen.

Someone calculated with their fitness tracker that we’d walked 10 miles today. No wonder my feet are protesting. I sure love that I can do this though. A year ago it would have been impossible due to my health. What a glorious miracle is life and health!

Tonight is a loud wedding party going on in the gathering room below us. Hopefully we’ll sleep just fine.

Tomorrow is the sabbath for us here in Jordan. I’m looking forward to church. We’ll also visit a few other places.

How is it even possible I’m doing this???!

The Treasury
“You wanna ride, lady?”


  1. Reminds me of a story told about my Grandma Williams. Once when they were at the zoo, a camel spit on her.


    • Camels are not the friendliest creatures – keep away from their teeth! But they are absolutely made for desert travel. Their feet spread over the sand in such a way that they don’t sink in. They just walk across like we can go across snow when we have snow shoes or skis on.


  2. I’m so glad you got to see Petra! There is absolutely nothing else like it, anywhere! Mesa Verda comes in a very distant second.
    It’s a little weird to see vendors in the cavities of ancient rocks, but their refreshments are a welcome sight!


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