Amaretti Morbidi Cookie Recipe – A taste of Itallian heaven

Here is my promised recipe for what to do with your egg whites after you make mayonnaise. Amaretti Morbidi Cookies use egg whites, plus a whole egg, almond or vanilla extract, salt, sugar, and almond flour, and they are as easy as they sound to make.

I’ll start with the promised recipe. Last blog post, I shared how I make my own mayonnaise. It leaves you with three egg whites left over, which you could use to make a perfectly tasteless omelet, or you can use them to make amaretti morbidi cookies. These Italian almond cookies are A-Mazing. Even if you don’t make mayonnaise, you should make these cookies. Bonus: Your gluten-free friends will think you are the greatest person in the world, because they are incidentally gluten-free, so they actually taste good. (As compared to the recipes you have to wrangle to make GF and they taste like soggy cardboard.) The recipe is in the pictures for this. Love your neighbor – make them cookies! Or not, but make cookies anyway. 🙂

This photo is an edit. I forgot to list the salt in the recipe in the first one.
I buy my almond flour at Costco. It looks like this.
The dough forms a ball.
Form into 1 1/2 inch balls.
Wet the bottom of a glass and dip it in sugar to press down the dough slightly.
It makes just under 3 dozen cookies if you don’t eat any of the dough.
Crisp outside, soft inside.

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