Fear Not To Do Good – Even When It’s Terrifying

Have you ever felt like there’s something God wants you to do but the thought of it was really scary to you? I’m kind of in a situation like that now. I keep waiting for the “just kidding” shoe to drop. But every time I turn around I get messages like this:

I testify that the Lord goes before your face whenever you are on His errand. Sometimes you will be the angel the Lord sends to bear others up. Sometimes you will be the one surrounded by angels who bear you up. But always you will have His Spirit to be in your heart, as you have been promised in every sacrament service. You have only to keep His commandments.

– Henry B. Eyring –

Fear Not to Do Good https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/10/fear-not-to-do-good?lang=eng#p40

On an unrelated note, I’m thinking about signing up at a local martial arts school. It will be a change from the style I trained in years ago and that also is a little scary. I don’t especially like the idea of starting over in a new style. But after a lot of consideration, it seems like the direction I need to go now.

Bonus: My granddaughter is taking lessons at the same martial arts school I’ve been looking into. Maybe she can give me tips!


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