Happy Halloween! 

I know Halloween is not a holy day, but it’s the one time of year we get to meet all our neighbors, and I LOVE THAT. Because we make a big pancake dinner for the entire neighborhood, people actually stop to chat and we make new friends as well as see the ones we already know. Tonight we fed about 240 people. It was awesome! And now it feels so good to sit down.

Polyjuice Potion (hot chocolate), Fountain of Youth (water), Bobbing Head Juice (Apple Cider) 

This is the link for the pancake recipe we used. Check it out! 


We made a few adjustments to meet our budget and needs for the evening. This was a real hit! 


  1. 240 people!!! What fun! It always makes me think of the New Years Eve Elders Quorum party in St. George. Everyone brought their waffle iron and we made waffles. Problem: we kept tripping the circuit breaker. How many griddles do you have going at once?

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