Words Have Power To Create 

I’m using this talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (The Tongue of Angels) as part of my lesson in church tomorrow. So often we fail to realize the power of the words we speak. I try to be careful to use words that create rather than break. I have quite a way to go, but I try. 
This made me think of the little rhyme that I hear so often misquoted (so I’m clearing that up here). 

Be careful of the words you speak, to keep them soft and sweet. You never know from day to day, which ones you’ll have to eat. 

“The Prophet Joseph Smith deepened our understanding of the power of speech when he taught, “It is by words … [that] every being works when he works by faith. God said, ‘Let there be light: and there was light.’ Joshua spake, and the great lights which God had created stood still. Elijah commanded, and the heavens were stayed for the space of three years and six months, so that it did not rain. … All this was done by faith. … Faith, then, works by words; and with [words] its mightiest works have been, and will be, performed.”


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