My Vacation For The Cure 

This is called Camouflage For The Cured. I feel kind of like a dork going around wearing a scarf in 85 degree weather, but the breezes irritate my neck wound and the scarf absorbs perspiration (which also irritates the wound), so I’m calling it a win and just rocking the look. 

I finally got in the water tonight. I’m not a real fan of swimming in moving water, and I prefer rivers to oceans, but this was warm and nice to try for a little while. If I lived by the beach I would totally work on overcoming this nervousness, but since I don’t, I’m content to let Mr. Hot Stuff have his fun while I hang out onshore. 
This is my favorite photo from the week. Maybe I should have gotten a photo of my surgeon, too. Given what he and the others did for me, I’m putting him on my favorites list, too. Thanks, Dr. Mitchell. 💚

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