Find Courage to Take a Stand  

I really need to get out and take more photos or draw something. 

 Captain Moroni’s letter (chapter 60) to the chief judge, Pahoran, was such a scathing reprimand for not providing better for the needs of the army, that it constantly amazes me how Pahoran was able to receive hope and encouragement from it. He didn’t take offense. He took it as confirmation that he had reached the time to fight against the criminal treason he was facing at the center of the Nephite government. Sometimes we have to take a stand for God, freedom, and family. When we are willing to do that it gives courage and strength of conviction to those around us. 

Alma 61 “19 And now, Moroni, I do joy in receiving your epistle, for I was somewhat worried concerning what we should do, whether it should be just in us to go against our brethren. 20 But ye have said, except they repent the Lord hath commanded you that ye should go against them. 21 See that ye strengthen Lehi and Teancum in the Lord; tell them to fear not, for God will deliver them, yea, and also all those who stand fast in that liberty wherewith God hath made them free. And now I close mine epistle to my beloved brother, Moroni.”

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