Father’s Day – Go Hug A Dad

Father’s Day. That explains it. For the last couple of weeks I’ve felt emotional about random things, and at random times. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but it seemed like every time I turned around, memories or thoughts of my dad would surface. It’s a normal part of the grieving process, but it really caught me off guard. I would be doing something and think, “I should call Dad about that. He’d know how to do this.” Or I would learn something cool at the writers’ conference I was at this past week, and I’d get excited to call him and tell him about it, but when I would touch my phone, I’d remember that he’s gone beyond cell phone range for good. But even so, I think he knows. I’ve felt him with me, getting excited about the things I’ve learned that will help me improve the book I’m writing, or giving me nudges of encouragement when I would let myself get overwhelmed. I think he’s helped me to recognize help from other sources and given me the serenity I need to ask questions and reach out to others.

I realize that this is the Holy Spirit working in me to know what Heavenly Father wants for me, but I am happy to have two fathers now, one who is an angel, and one who is God, and they look on from Heaven and send help and comfort.

2 Nephi 32:3 “Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore they speak the words of Christ.”

In the meantime, I have a husband who is an amazing father to our children, and a father-in-law who has a special talent for showing love to everyone around him. I have wonderful sons-in-law who fulfill their roles as fathers so well that a part of me sits back in awe of what they are doing. I’m so grateful to have so many men in my life who live out what it means to be loving fathers.

So, celebrate hug-a-dad day in whatever way you best can, because fathers are wonderful.

This was several years ago on an awesome family trip to Yellowstone National Park.

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