Reverently, Quietly 

Reverently, quietly, softly sing our melody. 

Reverently, quietly, humbly now we pray. 

Let thy Holy Spirit dwell in our hearts today. 

-LDS Children’s Primary song 

I recently visited one of the local Spanish Speaking wards (LDS congregations) in my area. I don’t speak Spanish, but I understand a little. A very little. It was a testimony Sunday and I felt the Spirit so strongly there. I was wondering how it could be that I could experience this so well, even though I didn’t know what each person was saying. I looked around and observed the congregation and realized that all of the children were sitting reverently with their families. Some of the children had coloring books on their laps but for the most part, even these younger ones seemed to be listening quietly and respectfully to the words being spoken. For the number of families it was one of the most reverent and worshipful meetings I have ever been to. The more amazing thing was there was no sign of food bribes to keep the kids quiet. No Cheerios, no fruit snacks, none of the common “sacrament self-defense” methods that I grew up on and even resorted to as a parent. These people worshipped with their whole hearts, showing deep gratitude for the blessings and gifts God had given them,and it seemed to flow like sweet honey into the souls of their children. 

It gave me a lot to think about regarding my attitude of worship. 

The Blessings of Worship – by Bishop Dean M. Davies 

“True worship transforms us into sincere and earnest disciples of our beloved Master and Savior, Jesus Christ. We change and become more like Him.

We become more understanding and caring. More forgiving. More loving.

We understand that it is impossible to say that we love God while at the same time hating, dismissing, or disregarding others around us. 

True worship leads to an unwavering determination to walk the path of discipleship. And that leads inevitably to charity. These too are necessary elements of worship.”

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