Be Careful 

This is a lemon tree. It is pot-bound and dying from some hard circumstances. I, however, am not. Still, I can learn from the lemon tree and be grateful I am not it, for I have legs and can adjust myself  more readily.


This is a reminder that although I do post personal things on this blog sometimes, mostly I keep a lot of my thoughts and life private. I don’t often mention the names of other people here, because I wish to respect other people’s privacy as well. 

Lately, nearly all of my posts have been thoughts that occur during my daily scripture study. I have learned over the past three years or so what a huge difference it makes for me to consistently read for personal application and meaning. Doing this helps me to look back at my past and learn from it, as well as consider how I manage my present circumstances. It also influences how I prepare for known and unknown future events. 
Please do not read all of my thoughts or comments as pertaining to things that may be happening in my real-time life. Because usually they aren’t. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and most of the time I’m reflecting and hoping to learn from past experience. 

You will know if I am referring to my present life because I will come right out and tell you. For example,  when my dad died on Christmas, that was a big deal thing and it seemed like a good idea to mention it in order to give some clarification about why my blog posting was being neglected. (I’m at peace with that, by the way, so thank you to everyone who prayed for me then.) 

My point and request is, please, when I write about challenges or express certain attitudes in my posts, don’t assume that I’m referring to current circumstances or situations. Most likely I am not. Most likely I am trying to learn as deeply as I can from the past so I don’t have to repeat the same mistakes in the future. When I’m referring to my present life you will know it because I’ll tell you. 

Okay, that’s all. I just want to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding that might arise, especially among people I know personally. 

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