Do Your Days Feature “The First Thing”, Too?

buildings-4th-floorGuess what? NO ELEPHANTS TODAY. I have big plans for another elephant drawing in the future, though. If it pans out, I’ll post it. Today you get buildings. Because I felt like it. Maybe I had Elder Uctdorf’s talk, Fourth Floor, Last Door, going through my head when I did it. I don’t know.

Do Your Days Feature “The First Thing”, Too?

Some days get so full of whatever the first thing was that I did in the morning. I wake up and start reading, or sewing, or cooking, or cleaning, and I might do a whole bunch of other things during the day, or I might not, but whatever the first thing was, that’s where my mind goes back to when I get a minute of down time, or during the pauses in between all the other things I have going on.

Today’s first thing led to a lot of time spent reading leadership training materials for my church calling as Young Women’s President. Getting on the website can be like a Choose Your Own Adventure Novel, where you get to the end of a page and then there are three different choices to make about where you will read next. As a kid, I had the hardest time with those books because I wanted to know where all the choices would lead. I’ve been having the same struggle with these leadership training websites. They are so thorough! And one leads to three others, and that leads to three more, and…

It’s been an uplifting experience though, to read about how I can become more like the Savior in the way I lead and teach others.

At this point, I feel I’ve absorbed all I can, for today anyway, and hope I’m prepared for my meetings tomorrow. As a result, today’s thoughts are coming in the form of two videos, that I hope will have some meaning for you.

The first one is about how we grow and become better one step at a time (I may have shared this before, I’m not sure).

The second one is about the importance of focusing forward.



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