How I love The Father of Lights – Jesus visited the lonely #lighttheworld 

Jesus visited the lonely. #lighttheworld 

I don’t think I’d be doing anyone a favor by spreading my cold around today by visiting the lonely, but I was able to let a few people know that I was thinking of them and praying for them in their trials. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have much effect on others sometimes, especially when you are limited in what you can do, but that’s the great discourager telling you lies. Don’t listen to him! 

I am learning ever more clearly that sometimes it is our task to serve, and sometimes we are tasked with allowing others to serve us. Both are important to Heavenly Father’s plan. Both help us learn to focus on the Savior, Jesus Christ. 

(Read and Follow the Directions) 

Today I read James 1, which is encouraging, but at the same time, reminds us that we will have many trials so that we may learn patience-perseverance-steadfastness, and trust in God’s plan and timing. This is hard to think about a lot right now, when I have several friends and family members going through deep trials. I have to constantly pray and remind myself in whom I put my hopes and trust. 

However, James 1 is also the chapter that reminds us that God gives us good gifts. He is the Father of Lights, and where there is light, there is hope. 

James 1:17

Every good gift… cometh down from the Father of Lights

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