Learning to Adjust My Sails

Change is constant, so we have to learn to adjust our sails.

I am growing so much from doing this daily blog post. It’s work, truly, and it takes more time than anyone realizes, but it’s helping me to grow in ways I’d never expected. I have felt pushed in this direction for a while, but resisted, because – WORK. Also – LATE NIGHTS.(Why is this so hard for me to do earlier in the day???) Actually, I do start this early in the day, but I guess speedy is not my thing. Anyway, I’m considering ways to change it up a little since Life Happens and I can’t always spend so much time drawing. I may do more photography and mix things up a little more that way. Still a big learning curve there, though, since I just started using a new photo editing program – now that I have a new computer since the other one died.

Anyway, expect changes in the style of my posts, because I’m as much of a work in progress as the blog is. Actually, isn’t everyone? When we start to refuse to change, we start to die. Life is change, like the weather. We have to learn to adjust our sails.

Here’s my Read and Follow the Directions post for today:

So, Korihor is taunting Alma, and others who believe in Christ, for their religious beliefs and finally pushes too far. Alma has already explained how all things denote there is a God, and yet Korihor continues to push back, repeatedly telling Alma to prove it by showing him a sign. It’s all laid out polite and tidy in the scriptures, but I bet inside Alma was like – Dude, you have so asked for it. But even then, he still gives Korihor one more chance. Even then, Alma shows that he still remembers how he was given a similar chance to choose destruction or repentance, and offers the same opportunity to Korihor.  (Talk about refusing to change!)

I’m always amazed by Korihor, no matter how many times I read this story, I sit in my chair going – Hello! Did you hear the man? Nooo. You won’t listen. You’re gonna be struck mute and have to beg for a living and THEN YOU WILL GET HIT BY A CART AND DIE!

Imagine that. The story ends the same way every time I read it.

Book of Mormon, Alma 30 

And now Korihor said unto Alma: If thou wilt show me a sign, that I may be convinced that there is a God, yea, show unto me that he hath power, and then will I be convinced of the truth of thy words. 44 But Alma said unto him: Thou hast had signs enough; will ye tempt your God? Will ye say, Show unto me a sign, when ye have the testimony of all these thy brethren, and also all the holy prophets? The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator…
47 But behold, it is better that thy soul should be lost than that thou shouldst be the means of bringing many souls down to destruction, by thy lying and by thy flattering words; therefore if thou shalt deny again, behold God shall smite thee, that thou shalt become dumb, that thou shalt never open thy mouth any more, that thou shalt not deceive this people any more.


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