Be Careful To Be Kind

There was frost on the grass this morning when I looked out my kitchen window. The way the sun glittered across it when it came up over the mountain called me out to take some pictures. It’s autumn time!

(Read and Follow the Directions)

Book of Mormon, Alma 23
It’s flabbergasting to me that the king had to pass a law that the people could not assault the missionaries. As if it was commonplace to just attack someone because you didn’t like the words they said.

Okay, given the stories on the news these days, maybe it’s not so far-fetched after all.

1 Behold, now it came to pass that the king of the Lamanites sent a proclamation among all his people, that they should not lay their hands on Ammon, or Aaron, or Omner, or Himni, nor either of their brethren who should go forth preaching the word of God, in whatsoever place they should be, in any part of their land. 2 Yea, he sent a decree among them, that they should not lay their hands on them to bind them, or to cast them into prison; neither should they spit upon them, nor smite them, nor cast them out of their synagogues, nor scourge them; neither should they cast stones at them, but that they should have free access to their houses, and also their temples, and their sanctuaries. 3 And thus they might go forth and preach the word according to their desires, for the king had been converted unto the Lord, and all his household;

P.S. Praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew.

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