It’s the Juice – Am I Crazy? – Part 1

Juice the Rainbow
Juice the Rainbow

It’s time for some catch-up, because I’m nearly halfway through 60 days of almost only juice. Here’s the thing that happened. About a month ago, I did a lot of juicing for almost a week, and then the weekend hit and we had a big family celebration. (Arctic Boy is on a mission in Cambodia, so we have to celebrate their holidays too, right?) I ate the entire world, plus some cake. That Sunday night I felt sick to my stomach, had the worst migraine I’ve had in ages, and my entire body hurt. My hair hurt. My toenails hurt. I was like, “Happy Khmer New Year, Mr. Hot Stuff. Don’t touch me.”

In my mind, I was thinking, “Dear Lord, forgive me, I’ll never do that again.” I was an addict who backslid (backslided?). Excruciating honesty here. Truly, organic sugar is still sugar. For me, sugar is heroin. My challenge is that it’s a legally and socially accepted drug and the whole world is a dealer.

I woke up the early the next morning suffering the aftermath of the sugar high and broke my #1 morning rule: Never check Facebook or emails before breakfast. That was when I saw the photo Rainbow’s mother-in-law posted of herself in the middle of her 56 day stint of juicing. She looked so alive and glowing. I felt like road kill. At this crucial moment, I felt a nudge to try again to do the juice thing.

For Sixty Days.



I took a deep breath, and told Mr. Hot Stuff. He said something along the lines of, “Go for it. And make me some, too.”

Two days in, I wanted to eat the dog food. It smelled so good. But seriously? ICK. That was when I decided that I was not going to be able to juice 100% exclusively for 60 days. I decided that I would allow myself to have eggs if I wanted them. This has helped immensely. BUT, I am still not perfect (more on that later). I have had days when the chicken salad in the fridge calls my name, and I cave to the siren song and have some bites. When that happened the first time, I thought I should just give up, but something whispered to me a version of the *FlyLady mantra, and I thought, “Juicing done imperfectly still blesses my body.” This was a thought that encouraged me more than I ever would have expected. (*FlyLady says, “Housework done imperfectly still blesses your family.”)

To be continued…

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