Tips to Fuel Your Writing (And Your Stamina)! by Mark Magro

Some days this reminder is oh-so-very-important. That’s why I’m sharing it here. I need to easily come back and remember it as I work on book number four (or is it five now?).
“For most people, the road to publication is a long one. From the day I decided I wanted to be an author and put the first word down on the page to the day I learned I was going to be published, roughly eight years passed. Between then, I completed four manuscripts and dozens of drafts, spent thousands of dollars on conferences and critiques, and wrote close to a hundred query letters. The process has been long and arduous, but even I can see that I should still be super grateful as it has taken others even longer to achieve their dream of publication.”


I realized a long time ago that I’m a pretty serious pessimist. While most see this trait as a negative one, I like to think it stems from an innate desire to be prepared. When the ground falls out underneath me, I can take it more in stride because, hey, I suspected it was coming.

But with writing, even I’ll admit that it’s not a characteristic that helps. When you’re not published and trying to balance work and family and friends and desperately trying to sneak time in to work on a manuscript, the one thing you need to cling to is hope. Hope you’re not just spinning your wheels and wasting your time on .doc files that no one will ever see or care about. Because we’ve all hit those ruts where it doesn’t matter how long you stare at the screen, your fingers are never going to hit…

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