Food Trucks. Graduation. Italy. So Much More. Seven Sunday Gratitudes – 16th Edition

What an emotional week it’s been!

Arctic Boy graduated. We had a pre-graduation dinner before Meigi/Mei Guo left. We went to the Food Truck Roundup in Provo.

kebab This is AWESOME by the way and you should try it some time. When we went it was packed with hundreds of people waiting in line to buy food. People were parking blocks away and walking down, because parking was at a premium. I’d say standing room was at a premium. The Macarollin’ truck ran out of food before the evening was even halfway over. I know because that’s the line I stood in first. 😦 We eventually ended up in the “Pound It Kebabs” food truck and that was very good. 🙂

Gratitude #1 – Food Trucks



Gratitude #2 – Last high school graduation.

high school doneThere is always a sense of “Whew! He/She made it” when each of your kids does this. Even if you weren’t particularly worried about whether they would, there is a sense of marking a BIG to-do item off the life list.

Jace graduation


Mei Guo/Meigi left for her culinary internship in Italy.

Gratitude #3 – She made it there safely to her new apartment.

One day we'll learn the name of this piazza and the statue.
One day we’ll learn the name of this piazza and the statue.


Gratitude #4 – Amazing photos that make me put Italy solidly on the life list.

This is what she saw while she was eating ice cream (gelato?) on her second night in Florence.
This is what she saw while she was eating ice cream (gelato?) on her second night in Florence.

Gratitude #5 – New Hiking Boots.

I bought new hiking boots this week because I’m tired of my shoes slipping on loose gravel and shale or sand when I hike. The man at the store was so helpful and patient as I tried on almost every. single. pair. I finally found some that bend where I need them to and they make my feet feel oh-so-happy. Also, they have ankle support, which, after hiking in Zion National Park, I decided I needed. Stupid ankle-twisting river rocks and boulders there about killed me. New boots, happy feet, YAY!

Gratitude #6 – Rattlesnake Vaccine

We like to take Sam-the-Dog hiking/bounding in the mountains, and mostly we go in the cooler mornings, but I worry somewhat about what would happen if he bounded onto a rattlesnake. I discovered there exists, for dogs, a vaccine that can help them survive such an event. It still won’t be pretty, but it can save their lives. I also heard about rattlesnake avoidance training, which we are signed up to participate in. This training is easily available in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Not so available in Utah though. I’ll report back how it goes.

Gratitude #7 – Location, Location, Location

I love where I’ve moved my desk.Being able to see out the front windows of our house, fills my brain’s need for brief distraction on a regular basis, the dogs are happy to have company during the day, and I LOVE not having a bunch of red and green LED lights glowing in my bedroom while I”m trying to sleep at night.


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  1. Never heard of the food truck roundup…. it’s on the list now.
    Took 5 steps up the trail at Red Butte Gardens one summer only to come face to face with a coiled up rattler in the trail wall. Eye level is a little unnerving!


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