Seven Sunday Gratitudes – 14th Edition

Some days it takes an attitude adjustment to write a list like this.

Not that I have any less to be grateful for, but because I am in an unappreciative mood. Do you ever have days like that? I suppose it’s not uncommon, but how inconvenient for it to hit me just as I sit down to write this blog.

Gratitude #1 – Airplanes

Because unlike in the old fairy tales when the merchant would travel and be gone for many, many months, airplanes make the trip so much shorter. Even though they still feel long.

Gratitude #2 – Sunshine

It warmed up this week and has been nice and sunny for a few days. I may be a shade-loving plant, but I still love sunny days.

Gratitude #3 – Technology

With family traveling to the far corners of the earth, I’m so grateful for the technology that allows us to easily keep in touch. Remember when the only options were snail mail and very expensive phone calls? Now there is free Google Chat, Skype, Facetime, etc. It’s the next-best-thing to being there. It makes even regular email seem almost archaic. But I still love emails. Something about the thought process that goes into the written word makes me feel happy.

Gratitude #4 – Showers

I know. I’m thinking it too. How random is this? But it popped into my head and stayed. I do very much appreciate being able to turn a little knob and pull a little lever and have a lovely hot or cold or warm shower whenever I want. It feels so refreshing to be clean-o.

Gratitude #5 – Cell phones

I know this is a subset of technology, but I would be so lost without it. It’s so great that my calendar and all my contacts will fit in my purse or my pocket, and it will email other people who need to be informed of those events with just a tap of my finger. And it will also hold a whole library of books. Happiness.

Gratitude #6 – Casi

She keeps telling me I should write about her here. Casi is awesome and when you combine her with Mei Guo, all kinds of silliness happens. Including some interesting fashion commentary and predictions. I will protect their eternal dignity by not posting a photo here. 😉 Just kidding. Here you go – belt-head fashion:

crazy style

Gratitude #7 – Service

Yes, I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again. Yesterday was a neighborhood service day. It’s fun to hang out with friends and make new ones while you help someone else out.

I’m feeling much better now, thanks. It’s amazing what a dose of gratitude can do for a bad attitude.


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