Seven Sunday Gratitudes – 13th Edition – Happy Mother’s Day!

Gratitude #1 – Motherhood

IMG_4778The first, biggest thing I’m grateful for today, is the opportunity that I’ve had to be a mother. Additionally, I’ve had the added opportunity to be able to stay at home and raise them. It’s a tremendous gift to be able to watch them learn, and grow, and progress to become the wonderful people they are today.

Gratitude #2 – My Mom

I learned so much from my own mother that makes me who I am today. I learned to sing when I need to lift myself up; to pray when I need more than a song; and that sometimes the only thing to do is keep putting one foot in front of another; and that bad days, weeks, and months do end, and the sun comes out again.

Gratitude #3 – Mr. Hot Stuff’s Mom

This man’s mother has been through more than her share of suffering and trial, but she has been an example of continued service to others. I know that she becomes frustrated by her physical limitations, but I feel her prayers for her children and grandchildren and have a deep sense of gratitude for the wonderful children she raised, especially the one I married, Mr. Hot Stuff.

Gratitude #4 – The Mothers of My Children’s Spouses

These women hold a special place in my heart for birthing and raising good men and women who are the soul-mates of my children, whether they’ve entered our lives yet or not. I pray for them and for their families.

Gratitude #5 – Skype Video Chats

Sara Service 1Talking to my missionary daughter, Hermana Miss Sassy, today was a wonderful blessing. She looks happy, she sounds happy, and she has such a heart for the work she has been called to do. She seems more humble than I’ve ever seen her and desirous to continue improving her Spanish, as well as having a deep desire to better understand the Gospel and how to teach in a way that reaches the hearts of those who wish to learn.

Gratitude #6 – Faith in God

As I watch each of my children grow through opportunities and trials, I am so thankful for the knowledge I have that Heavenly Father is bigger than all of our challenges and troubles. I know that as we lean on Him, with faith that He is the giver of all good things, and the over-comer of all sorrows, we will see miracles and blessings greater than we can imagine.

Gratitude #7 – Priesthood Blessings

I’ve been wrestling with my writing for a while and wanted some guidance about the course I’m taking. I’m so grateful that my husband is worthy to give me a Priesthood blessing of comfort and direction at these times when I need it. Seeing that my children also have the faith to ask for these blessings when they feel a need for them.


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