Seven Sunday Gratitudes – 10th Edition – Easter, Easter Bunny, Family Time, Lovely Weather, Allergy Elimination with NAET, Writers’ Conference, Laser Gun Sights.

He got one of those cricket flour, protein energy bars. Casi is disgusted on so many levels.
He got one of those cricket flour, protein energy bars. Casi is disgusted on so many levels.

Gratitude #1 – Easter – The Atonement and Resurrection Part.

I believe in Jesus Christ and that he lived his life as an example for us to follow. I believe he died to atone for the fall of Adam and Eve as well as for our own sins. To me, this is a great day because it is a holy day in which we get to remember that.

Gratitude #2 – Easter – The Bunny Hiding Gifts and Candy Part.

I believe that all things stand in testimony of Jesus Christ, including the Easter Bunny. At our house, Easter baskets get hidden Saturday night, so that when people wake up on Easter morning, after we read the story of the resurrection of the Savior, the kids all hunt for their baskets. (Yes, my “big kids” believe in the Easter Bunny, just like they believe in Santa Clause.) :-p This hunt gets pretty intense and serious. You’d think the surprises were worth much more than they actually are. Why do I think this part is important? Because for me, it’s symbolic of the intensity and effort we should be willing to put forth to find gifts of truth and treasures of great knowledge from God. Can you imagine if every morning when we woke up, we rushed to seek the gifts God had for us that day with the same gusto that we see our children rush to find their gifts and candy? We’d probably count a lot more good days than bad ones.

Gratitude #3 – Family Time

I know I say this a lot, but Miss Electric was visiting from BYU-Idaho this past week, so she could get her wisdom teeth out (Fun Times). She healed from the surgery really fast (yay), and we had some nice chances to visit.

Gratitude #4 – Lovely Weather

This week was warm enough to open windows and doors and enjoy the breezes blowing through. Also, it meant the dogs could go in and out as they pleased without making any of us have to fill the role of dog-slave. (It’s a thing, really. It’s when the dog wants to come in, and out, and in, and out, and in, multiple times all in the course of about five minutes. And you actually do it for him. Sucker. Dog-Slave.)

Gratitude #5 – Mei Guo’s Pollen Allergies Gone

For real. Gone. We found a good NAET practitioner, who helped her get rid of them all over the course of about three weeks using a unique form of accupressure. A-mazing. What a relief, since the poor girl’s suffering was great before and none of the medication she tried really worked. If you want to know who we went to, contact me and I’ll give you his information. Otherwise you can do a Google search and find someone in your area. Here’s a tip though – if the person doesn’t test and treat for “The Basics” before taking care of anything else, you should find a different practitioner, because you will be throwing good money away.

Gratitude #6 –  LDS Storymakers Writers’ Conference

This writers’ conference is happening this coming week. Maybe it will motivate me to get back in gear with my book that has been so sadly neglected over the last three months. In fairness, life has been a little overloaded with family things that needed attention. Everything in its own season, right?

Gratitude #7 – Laser Gun Sights

Because my aim sucks. Something about my eyes and the kind of vision problems I have makes it really difficult to accurately aim without a laser telling me “this is where the bullet will end up.” They eye doctor explained it to me, but the essence of it is just, “use a laser sight.” Sounds good to me. By the way, Mr. Hot Stuff, we need to go to the range, because laser sight or no, I still need practice. (And could we put one of those nifty sights on one of the rifles, too?)

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