Sunday’s Seven Gratitudes – 2nd Edition

This seven looks like it might be lucky enough to get away with a jailbreak.

7 photo Welcome to the Sunday Seven Gratitudes. I’m on a roll, two Sundays in a row. 😉

Gratitude #1 –

I got to sing with the church choir today. It may not sound like much to you, but we have a fabulous choir director in our ward (that’s the Mormon term for the congregation you are assigned to, based on where you live). She’s “Doctor Music”, and is an important humminy-hum at BYU. She also makes every choir practice a mini group voice lesson, so she doesn’t just teach us songs, she builds a better singing foundation within each of us. She’s also really good at encouraging us when, like sheep, we may wander astray of the notes. Yep, she’s the choir shepherd. And now she has a new title, “Doctor Music, Choir Shepherd,” (June, I love you, thanks for the inspiration here. If you don’t click on that link to her website, it’s your loss.)

Gratitude #2 –

E-books. Maybe I shouldn’t be so grateful for something that enables what is at times a severe addiction, but oh well. I just love something that makes it so I can carry an entire library in my purse. I mean, I’m living in a Star Trek show here. Someday I hope to have my very own ansible, or maybe even a Tardis. I heart technology.

Gratitude #3 –

My Very Own Water Bottle. If you live someplace that averages 54% humidity you understand this. If you have six kids, you understand this. If you spend hours in a vast desert full of books where the water source is two flights downstairs, you understand. Speaking of which I need to go refill.

Gratitude #4 –

People who ask me questions that give me new ideas for blog posts. It’s never hard to come up with something to say until I’m sitting down with my hands on the keyboard, listening to the clock go tick – tick – tick -…

Gratitude #5 –

Google Hangouts, and Skype. When Mr. Hot Stuff is in a land far, far away, it’s nice to be able to see him and talk to him for a little while. I’d like to buy a transporter. Could you get working on that, Google? NASA? Boeing? Willie Wonka? Somebody?

Gratitude #6 –

People who serve in our military, and their wives, children, and other family members. If having Mr. Hot Stuff gone for two weeks is crazy-making for me, I’m sure my imagination falls far short of what they go through on my behalf.

Gratitude #7 –

Wait. I’m to #7 already?! I’m so grateful for life. Every day I get to wake up to this amazingly beautiful world God made. I get to see the sun rise above the beautiful Wasatch mountain range and set behind the Ochre mountains in a rainbow sherbet-colored blaze that reflects off the lake. Life is amazing. I may have posted this video link before. I’m doing it again, because it was a true attitude adjuster for me, and still is.

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

Have a great week.

winner-winner, veggie dinner

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