Welcome to the New Year!

What Does the Fox Say? Stay awake!
What Does the Fox Say? Stay awake!

Happy New Year!

‘Twas New Year’s morn and all through the house,

Not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse.

The party had spread from the table and chairs,

With game remnants scattered both up and down stairs.

The lights of the fireworks crackled and banged,

And people with spoons and pots rattled and clanged.

The party forged on to the local IHOP,

Though the cookers and servers just wanted to stop.

Move it, Move it!
Move it, Move it!

Two-thirty dragged in with a partied-out haze,

Pushing revelers home in a syrupy daze.

Three a.m. chimed with a tinny, small gong,

“Happy New Year to all, sleep well and dream long!”

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