The First Day of School Nerves

Is the first day of school crazy for everyone?

Lunch-Sack-with-Cello-Bag-300x221You’d think with six kids, and the youngest 17, I’d be a pro at this by now, but the truth of the matter is, I never sent a child off to school, until Rainbow (my oldest) was 14. Public school brings with it the same new-pencil smell, and blank-page excitement, but it all has a much stricter deadline. With home-school, no one cared if you started ten minutes or a half-hour late. With public school, those minutes are crucial. This puts a certain level of stress and rush in the morning that is probably old-hat for most families, but for me there is a frantic element to it. Does everyone have their lunch made? Did they eat breakfast? Have I signed all the papers that needed to be signed? Does anyone need money for anything? Hurry UP! DON’T BE LATE! The voices in my head shout at me. I turn the radio on to shut out the unhelpful mental noise.

idea_ss_Jaw-Droppers-Costa-Rica_001_596x334_314x177With Mr. Hot Stuff gone working someplace that I imagine looks like paradise, I’m making sure we have what we need to hustle out the door, but first I know we all need to stop for a minute and set our priorities for the day. Before we dashed out the door today, I called everyone together for a family prayer and a little thought to help the day go better.

Today, while we take on new things, we need to realize that there will be some difficulties, and some challenges, but there will also be moments of good, little flecks of gold that will make the other things worthwhile.

With hugs and I-love-you’s, everyone has gone their separate ways. I’ll be thinking of and praying for each of them and the new things they will experience today.

winner-winner, veggie dinner 🙂

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