Gathering Feathers in the Wind

Clean-up Efforts

I heard a story once comparing the effect of unkind words to shaking out a feather pillow in the wind and then trying to gather up the feathers again. It’s impossible to get them all.  Lately, my family’s newest dog, Sam, a 2-year-old English pointer, has made it his life’s mission to de-stuff all his toys, and I’ve gotten a feel for the effort of finding and cleaning up all the little bits around the living room and clinging inappropriately to people’s clothing.

This is Sam, the de-stuffer machine.

Yesterday at church, one of the kindest women I know taught a lesson on the importance of being kind and the importance of increasing kindness in our day to day behaviors. When I woke this morning after finally having a decent night’s sleep, I realized that something had been bothering me about my last blog. I think it’s important to be able to laugh at human foibles and circumstances in our lives. I also try to do it without being cruel. First thing this morning, I got up and removed the part of that blog that I thought crossed the line from simple humor to cruel. I hope the feathers haven’t flown too far.

This month of Thanksgiving,

I want to give thanks for Mr. Hot Stuff for taking both dogs on a walk this morning and letting me sleep. I’m thankful for the example of kind people and the gentle ways they motivate me to change for the better. I’m thankful for all of my friends, family, and readers (all 9 of you) who put up with my learning curves and extend love and forgiveness.

winner-winner, veggie dinner 🙂

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