My Review of the New Greens Attachment for the Champion Juicer

It arrived yesterday!

Remember my little lemonade celebration I had a few days ago? Well, the new Greens Attachment for my Champion Juicer arrived yesterday and I tried it out this morning.

I was so excited to try this out! I opened the box last night and took out all the parts to see how it went together. It looked pretty straight-forward, but I thought, “I’ll just check the instructions to make sure I really do know how it goes together.” The instructions are written as a 6-step process, with photos that show exactly how to do it. The written instructions that go along with the photos were okay until I got to step 3, “Slide screen insert into green attachment body from the back so that the insert side opening is in line with the feeder tube of the body. The grooves in the insert must be aligned to the body ribs. if the fit is tight, recheck the alignment.”

Huh? Let me try that again.

Maybe I’m still sleep-deprived from the 4th of July, but I got partway through that and my eyes glazed over. I tried again and still got a flat-line signal from my brain. I read it out loud. Nope. Finally I just decided that as long as I could make mine match the photos, I’d be doing well enough. Just to be sure, I jumped to instruction #6, “Slide the deflector into the restrictor nut with deflector tab aligned to restrictor groove, until the tab snaps into the locked postion.” Uh-Huh.

Pictures for me, definitely.

I did get it all assembled correctly. This morning I decided to test out my new gadget just based on what we had in the fridge. I’m somewhat lazy in the mornings and didn’t want to bother going outside to the garden to pick it uber-fresh. I used:

  • 1 huge cabbage leaf
  • 3 medium-sized chard leaves
  • 2 handfuls of baby kale
  • 3 handfuls of purslane

The cabbage leaf went through beautifully. The chard and the baby kale also did really well. Then I tried the purslane.

What the heck is purslane?

Click on the photo to learn more about purslane from one of my favorite plant foragers, Steve Brill.

Purslane is a succulent, mucilaginous weed that often drives gardeners bonkers, but I’ve seen it for sale in the fresh markets in China along with the other lettuces. I love the taste of it and will happily include it in salads and stir-fries. Today’s experiment showed me it doesn’t work so well in juicing, mainly because of it’s mucilaginous quality. Bluntly put, purslane juice has the consistency of extreme-green toddler snot and it won’t flow through the filter screen. (Oh, that’s why nothing’s coming out?) So unless you really have a driving need for purslane juice, I would recommend you just don’t even try it. Save the purslane to enjoy some other way.

Two thumbs up for the Greens Attachment.

In conclusion, I give the greens attachment 2 thumbs up and say, “It’s about time Platasket Manufacturing Co. came out with this! What took them so long?” If you have a Champion Juicer, this is a handy addition to all the other things you can do with it.

winner-winner, veggie dinner 🙂

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