We Must Have Been Naughty, We Got Poo for Christmas

We had great fun at the Hot Stuff family Christmas Party yesterday. Everybody brought food to share.

Uncle Salsa's salad.

Mr. Hot Stuff made knishes, which were really good and I enjoyed the salad with the awesome olives made by Uncle Salsa. There was also pizza, gyoza (wontons), quiche, jambalaya, and shish-kabaobs for lunch. With creme brulee and several kinds of cookies and cakes for dessert. Also, Mr. Hot Stuff made toffee.

Does this suit make me look fat?

Mr. Hot Stuff kindly dressed up as Santa and played along with the “Santa Baby” song.

I don’t have pictures of that, so if anyone out there has any, let me know.

Arctic Boy's White Elephant
This is a white elephant gift?

We played the White Elephant Game and had fun vying for “the good stuff”.  Mr. Hot Stuff ended up with a pair of ladies’ “Magic Gloves”, while I got a Christmas ornament – batteries-not-included.

Arctic Boy got snow man mugs – how fitting. Unlike the gloves, which did not. Fit – that is.

This year, we gave to Uncle Salsa. We got him a Cuisinart food processor.

The man has been making giant bowls of salsa for family gatherings for at least a decade. By. Hand. I think he’s earned it.

In exchange, Uncle Salsa gave us two puzzles, one of them a photo-mosaic (yikes!) flamingo puzzle, and a huge fruit basket, and last, but not least, “Poo, The Card Game”.

No more hand chopping!
Is he getting even?

I think he’s getting even for the Christmas wish-list we gave him. Maybe we should have left “Anti-Monkey-Butt Powder” off the list.

Grandma and Grandpa Hot Stuff gave the best family history related gifts this year:

  • Four generation photos, framed
  • Pillowcases embroidered by great grandmothers.
  • Paintings done by a great-grandfather.
  • A great-great grandmother’s favorite cookbook from 1916 as a gift for Mei-Guo, the culinary arts student.
In the end, any fretting or stress about gift selection was made worth it by these faces: 

It was a lot of fun being with everyone. And yes, 26 years ago, “Santa Baby” got me a ring for Christmas (and I don’t mean on the phone). 😉

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. You’re so good about taking photos at your family event. Sigh. I’m too focused (or greedy) about presents and alas! The camera is last to make it to the family festival. Your post will remind me to be better at capturing the moments you want to remember.


    • I take lots of photos – when I remember to bring the camera! Then I just do it in fits and starts, because I like to live events not merely observe through a camera lens. I end up thinking, “Oh! this is a MOMENT. Take lots of photos!” then afterward, I sit the camera down for a while. Interestingly though, I get some really nice stuff, in the “ordinary times” when people are just chatting. It really helps having a nice camera and a great lens that just pulls in light. This way, I don’t have to use a disruptive flash. Half the time, no one realizes I’m shooting.


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