Back Again – Isn’t Life Grand!

We had a lot of fun on our Ten day New York trip and the weird bumps left from all the mosquito bites (my souvenirs) are almost all gone.

Mr. Hot Stuff has gone back to Big Red (China, not the gum) for the second time since we returned from our NY adventure. He’s hobnobbing with customers from Central America, and other parts of the world and doing the little “standardizing and reconciling” stuff that has to be done periodically, as well as meeting with people involved in the “supplier catastrophe” that started his oh-so-frequent-visits to Big Red.

Everyone else in the family is in the continental U.S. for the time being, all busy with school, work, etc.

I’ve been taking what some consider “extreme” measures to become healthier. I’ve been officially vegetarian for one month now. It’s a big trick to reprogram your mind about what “food” is especially when you don’t have any moral qualms about eating meat. I’ve had to employ the mantra, “I don’t consume animal hormones, I have enough of my own.” I know there are hormones in eggs and dairy products also, but when eating 80% raw food, it doesn’t leave much room for eggs/dairy to make a big impact. After all, I’m not going to eat 80% raw and then make the entire remaining 20% eggs and dairy (eew). I’d actually not be vegetarian, but eating meat these days causes so much physical pain that I just decided to listen to my body and not eat that stuff. One added benefit – down 20 lbs!

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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