Five Ways Dad’s Are Awesome!

Happy Fathers Day!

5 Ways Dad’s Are Awesome:

1. They aren’t afraid of getting dirty. Good thing, with all the man-jobs they get asked to do like work on cars, or toilets, or change whoopsie diapers.

2. They are brave. Who else would have the nerve to jump into a crazy-girl drama-fest and crack a joke?

3. They are strong. They carry heavy stuff and help put it where we need it to go. Also, they give great hugs.

4. They eat our cooking. Even when it might be less than appetizing.

5. They fix flat tires and make them puncture-resistant. Often they do the same for hearts, and they teach us how to be puncture-resistant.

What do the dads you know do?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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