Your Sunny Day – Made In China

We enjoyed a rare-for-this-year sunny day on Tuesday. It was beautiful and gave me a chance to take a few photos on my walk to pick up Miss Bee’s car from the repair shop.

I love the humming noise of the bees in a blossoming tree.
This is a rather Seusian-looking tree-bush.
Even up close, I couldn't tell if those were blossoms or leaves.
Not sure I'd want nesting thrushes dive-bombing me at my front door.
Someone's interesting project.
All brought to you by China - where everything is made.

I have it on the good authority of Miss Sassy and Arctic Boy that all of these wonders are made in China especially for our enjoyment here in America. “Because everything’s made in China these days, Mom.”

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. Colorful foliage photos. ‘Tis true…I try to buy American, esp. supporting local boutiques, but alas! Their clothes come from all over the world, too!


  2. There is a bit of a family joke here – While living in Southeast China, we saw very little “wild” nature. Almost everything was carefully planned and “landscaped”, though not always very well, as we discovered at a National Park near our home. The governmental planning there is so thorough that when Mr. Hot Stuff was on a visit to an area full of waterfalls, he asked a woman in the group with them how much money and how long it took the government to create such a beautiful area. The woman and several other people seriously conferred for a few moments and then turned back to him to say that they were fairly certain that this was indeed a natural area that the government had not planned, but carefully protected. It was all he could do not to laugh. Imagine going to Niagara falls and seriously considering that the government might have made it.


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