Mr. Hot Stuff is Back! and I Have a Sore Mouth

Hooray! Mr. Hot Stuff is home! Three weeks is a long time.

I have a secret confession. Even though I knew what time he’d be here, I was deliberately vague, to the point of ‘adjusting’ the meridian of the day that he’d arrive (ie: the A.M. and P.M.), telling everyone, “He’ll be here in the afternoon sometime.” Call me selfish. I knew he’d be here around 10:30 A.M. but I wanted to hoard time with him. It was wonderful. I had three whole hours of uninterrupted time with Mr. Hot Stuff – no phone calls, no emails, no children of any age. It was pure bliss. We enjoyed lunch at the new Indian food restaurant in town (oh man, I love lamb), it definitely makes my ‘A’ list. I haven’t been to any other Indian restaurants since we got back from China, so I don’t know how it matches up price-wise. I loved that they serve unlimited rice and naan. For some reason, I always feel over-charged for naan at most Indian restaurants. I mean, really, lots of Italian restaurants serve unlimited bread, what’s the deal with Indian restaurants? Anyway this place fixes that problem for me. 🙂 It was so relaxing to be able to have this time together with no other interruptions. By the time the kids were home from school, I was ready to share.

On another note,

I recently bought a new kind of chips at Costco called “Popchips” (try typing that 3 times fast and not getting Popchops). I love them, they are lower in fat and pretty salty (I love salt). I made a discovery though. Don’t be a glutton because the texture and the salt will erode the cells of your mouth and you will be sorry. I learned something else – If you do overindulge in these, don’t think, “Oh, I messed up. I’d better eat something good for me to compensate,” and then go for the fresh, raw, pineapple. You will discover that rubbing salt on a wound is for sissies. Real women use fresh pineapple, at least until they decide that “being Real” is just too painful. Fortunately, oral skin cells replace themselves very quickly:

“All tissues of the mouth are covered with epithelial cells. These cells are a little different from the epithelial cells that make up your skin, but they are of the same family of cells. Both oral epithelium and skin epithelium are constantly being worn away by friction and use, but nature takes care of us by rapidly replacing our epithelial cells. Those cells that attach gingival (gums) to our teeth are, in health, replaced every two to four days. Research has shown that when inflammation is present, the rate of epithelial cell replacement is increased up to as little as six hours.”

I personally think it’s not that fast, based on the pain level in my mouth, but then I’m neither doctor nor dentist.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. Now you know with a title like that I just HAVE to read this!!! Glad he’s back home. We should grab a movie or dinner sometime with the men folk. Enjoy Mr. Hot Stuff! 😉


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