Surprise! An Awesome-Possum New Camera Came in the Mail!

Mr. Hot Stuff is cooking up a doozie of an anniversary surprise, starting with sending me the coolest camera ever. It also came with a 16 gig SD card for it – my computer doesn’t have that much memory. Then, just a couple of days later, this little lens shows up in the mail. I thought, “Huh, cute little lens. I wonder what it does?” Then I Googled it and found out it is the most amazing lens, possibly ever. It makes it so I can take awesome photos without the flash. (No one is safe now. heh heh heh…)

Monday was pi day, so we celebrated with seven pies!

This may be the first good photo of our dog - ever. All because of a better camera and lens - no flash.
Miss Sassy chillin'. I'm going to need a better filter for my lens. This one gives all kinds of weird reflections and glare.
This was taken after sunset, by moonlight, no tripod.
This was also taken after sunset. I'm loving this lens.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. Very cool pics.
    What kind of camera, and how can I get me one o’ them magic lenses???? 🙂


    • Thank you. It’s a Canon EOS 60D and the lens is a 55mm 1.4 lens. Very awesome for portraits and things. I also have a small zoom lens with image stabilization built in that is great as well. 🙂


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