Congratulations, Mr. Hot Stuff! You’ve Won an All-Expense-Paid Trip to China!

Surprise, Honey!!!

Mr. Hot Stuff got a call last night informing him of a disaster at the factory of one of their suppliers (in China, of course; the origin of all disasters. America would never have disasters :-p ). Surprise, surprise, he gets to fly over the big blue and see what he can do. Hopefully he can make his magic work for this sticky situation. Just sayin’ –  corruption and dishonesty suck.

He offered to buy me a new camera in HK, but I’m really not sure I want one bought over there. Hong Kong is better than the mainland about being able to buy non-counterfeit stuff, but I have researched a bunch and I know the kind of camera I want, it’s a Canon EOS 60D. I don’t want some other “good enough” version of a camera. If I’m going to upgrade, spending buku bucks, then I want the one I know I’ll like. Still, it is expensive and I really don’t expect to own one anytime soon.

Good News:

Mr. Hot Stuff was home long enough to help Miss Sassy with her math homework. Yay! Her grade in that class right now is super-awesome and I know she’d like to keep it that way.

Sleepytime now.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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