Political Dismay, A Really Fun Communist-Style Card Game, and Using Role-Playing Games to Learn Plot Development

I still think the federal government should mind its own business.

I moved back to the U.S. and it might seem to readers of my blog that I have completely disengaged from my political ranting about various governments and their hypocrisies and injustices. I haven’t actually tempered in my views much, but I find I am so appalled at the systematic dismantling of the U.S. Constitution by President Obama, and his blatant disregard for the separation of powers as established in the Constitution, that it would be pointless for me to go on and on about it on this blog. Besides, I’d get an ulcer if I continually dwelt on it. I’ve never looked forward more to a presidential election than I do the one in 2012. At this rate, the Chinese won’t need to conquer America, we’ll convert to be just like them.

Speaking of Communist China,

Have any of you ever played the Chairman Mao card game? Many people play it with face cards, but around this area they play it with UNO cards. I’m sure no one can appreciate the satire of that game unless they have actually lived in China, I think that it would be good if it were used as a cautionary game in high school civics classes across the U.S. If you’ve never played it, you should check it out, it’s actually a really fun game in a “haha, I’m the boss of you” kind of way.

Writers’ Group Revisited:

In Dan Wells’s presentation last night on plot development, he used what he professionally called “The Seven-Point System for Plot Development”, and then parenthetically said, “based on The Narrator’s Guide to the Star Trek Role Playing Game”. He immediately had me hooked. Not because I’m a Trekkie, and not because I am a RPG junkie, I’m neither. He had me hooked because just last week I gave some serious consideration to joining up with some RPG-ers  so that I could learn from them some techniques and ideas about plot twists and developments as we/they played the game. Last night he said “role-playing game” and I thought, hold on – there are guides to those games?!? (duh) Since last night, I have been enthusiastically explaining this plot development concept to those of my kids who will stay still and listen. I just think it’s so cool. It completely opened up new layers of my novel for me and helps me see the weak spots and how to strengthen those places. Oh Yay! If you are interested in my iteration of Dan’s Seven-Point System, let me know. I don’t want to go into the nitty-gritty of it here if it is just going to bore everyone but me. I’ll hold Miss Sassy hostage and make her listen to it for ten minutes and the sweetie will smile and say, “Cool, Mom”, but that’s just dues for being my offspring. The rest of you shouldn’t have to put up with it if you don’t want to.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

P.S. If you are in Guangzhou, Panyu, Mahesh at India Gate Restauraunt is having a buffet this Saturday. His food is divine, but 9000 miles is a little more than I can travel for a meal at this time.

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