Photos: Pity-Me Kitty, The Family Giant, & Yes, I Like Carnations

Pity-Me Kitty:

ShadowShadow was adopted as an injured kitten. She still has a gimpy leg but manages to do whatever she really wants to. Mostly she likes to milk the crippled leg for as much special treatment and pampering as she possibly can get.

The Family Giant:

Arctic Boy and SparkyWe call him Arctic Boy, but you can see he’s so tall he has to bend his head down to fit in the picture. 😉  Our dog, Sparky, is by his feet She’s not the most photogenic of dogs but she cooperated fairly well this time.

Yes, I Like Carnations:

Mostly I like flowers with lots of color and this was the cheapest and most colorful bunch of flowers available at Costco the day after Valentine’s. They’ve lasted really well so that makes me even happier. I love the way the sunshine streaks from my back door behind the flowers. A back door, that’s something I didn’t have in China.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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