After ‘I Am Number Four’, We Went To Five Guys, and Came Home to a Surprise

After “I Am Number Four”…

Mr. Hot Stuff took me out to the movie “I Am Number Four” tonight. It was a fun show. I read a review that described it pretty accurately as “Sci-fi for ‘Twilight’ fans”. Maybe they should have used the casting director for “Number Four” when they made the “Twilight” movies. The cast for this movie seemed to fit more comfortably into their roles than any of the “‘Twilight” cast did (aside from Jacob and Alice and Jasper and Emmet). “Number Four” was a fun show and there were some good ‘scary’ parts. I even screamed a little at one place. Miss Sassy and Arctic Boy are going to love it when they get a chance to go see it. I predict Alex Pettyfer to be the next teen heart-throb. How come when I was in high school I didn’t know any guys who looked that good with their shirts off? Three stars.

We Went To Five Guys

We saw the movie before we had dinner. It was a popcorn blizzard after the movie got out, so we dashed across the street for burgers and fries. Honestly, I’m not terribly impressed with the texture of Five Guys’ fries, though I love the concept.

I love this idea!

The burgers on the other hand were divine. They looked messy, they were messy, and I wished the bun was bigger, but the saying at our house is “the messier the better”. Boy, were these burgers better. (Yes, it was my first time having a Five Guys burger.)

When We Got Home We Discovered It Was Party Time!

Miss Bee and Mr. T invited a whole bunch of friends over to have a movie night at our house. They do movie nights fun, with lots of food and no one takes the movie too seriously so it actually turns into a social event rather than a turn-on-the-tv-and-stare-straight-ahead event. Small downside – “Australia” is three hours long, it’s 9:15 and they are just starting the movie….

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


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