Conferences, The Library Diet, and a Phone Call from Mr. Muscle

Conference Mania

  • Storytelling conference and workshops in February.
  • Motivational conference and workshops in March (I got a really good deal from a friend – Yay!).
  • LDS General Conference at the beginning of April.
  • BYU Women’s Conference at the end of April.
  • Writers’ Conference and workshops in June.

Hmm… All I need is a conference in May – actually the BYU one is usually the first weekend in May. I wonder why they changed it this year? I don’t know if I missed a good conference in January. I was too sick to care. As it was, I almost forgot about the Storytelling conference. I’m really glad I didn’t miss that. It put the fire under my fanny for getting back to work on my novel and doing some more writing. Brandon Sanderson taught a really great class on turning stories into novels. Wow.

New Discovery: The Library Diet

stained glass 1
A stained-glass story window at the library.

I have discovered that I can focus better when I do my writing and revising work at the library, so I go there almost every day, hide in a corner at a desk and work, work, work. There are no household chores nagging at me, and the desk is always clean. I don’t move many large muscle groups, but I also don’t have access to any food whispering, “Come on, you know you want me,” from the kitchen. Down four pounds in less than a week (and that includes over-indulging at the company party the other night). I hope it continues.

Want a Workout for Your Wallet?

I got a phone call from Mr. Muscle today wondering if I was still interested in coming to his Fancy Fitness Gym and burning myself up at his boot camp. I had visited his gym at the beginning of January to see about his programs. When I learned the boot camp was $250 for four weeks, I quickly decided I could get a better deal at our city’s fitness center. Even if I hire a personal trainer there, it won’t cost me nearly as much. Sorry Mr. Muscle, did someone forget to tell you the economy is tight right now? Besides, these lungs aren’t quite up to boot camp just yet. Soon though, I can start to push myself a little more.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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